This week, the Mad Christian and Meridith speak about: 


00:00 Opening

01:29 Title

08:26 Why is Jesus tarrying?

12:48 Knowing the times and being wide awake

24:30 Break

27:27 Why did Luke record Jesus as "being filled with the Holy Spirit"

34:04 Christians should take back their language

35:50 Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit

43:38 Icons, images, Lutheranism and the Second Council of Nicaea

50:33 Images as help against torment, CTPSD

53:07 Icons should tell a story about Jesus

59:04 The Bible was misused against you but don't let the devil stop you from reading the Word

1:04:23 John 6 "Eat my flesh"

01:14:45 The church has no life without the Supper

01:16:35 Break

01:18:28 Media discernment, lies and getting reports from varied sources

01:20:50 Volunteerism at church

01:26:00 Generational roles, belonging in organizations, and the problem in saving crumbling institutions

01:35:38 Your grown child is living with her boyfriend

1:55:34 The pope and the antichrist

2:03:13 Does James teach that I need perfect faith to pray?

2:12:15 My job at a Lutheran school is on the line if I don't join the church which has a "contemporary service"

2:29:05 Do you have allies in your congregation?

2:31:03 Final remarks

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