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A RevFisk Raw Interview. Pastor George Borghardt is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bossier City, LA, but you probably know him from his work with Higher Things, an organizat...

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 7/14/19.

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 7/14/19. 

Yeah. And I think I kind'a like it. Walk with me on the road as we talk about the virtues of both anger and insanity, and learn how to say "bull poopy!"   Safe for work, but yo...

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 1/8/19

Preached at SPLC Rockford 1/7/19.

0111 Mad Christian Crazy

Episode 5 in “The Strong God” series with Pastor Adam Koontz, we get back into Ezekiel specifics; you know, like burning poop and shaving your whole body in public. That kind o...

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 6/30/18

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 6/30/18.

First of four lectures for the young men and women at Christi Academy on the campus of Concordia T Seminary FW Indiana, June 2019   Buy the books:   ...

Preached at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 27, 2019.

Bonus: A Sermon on Pigs

Preached at SPLC on 06/23/19

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Preached at SPLC Rockford on 6/16/19

Preached at SPLC Rockford 6/16/19

Returning to an old series in light of events the last weekend in Rockford and my return to the youtube world. Rest of the series:

Broadcast live from the 2019 Making the Case conference at Concordia University in Chicago. In order to avoid copyright silencing on youtube, the episode has been edited to remove ...

Episode 4 in "The Strong God” series focusing on Ezekiel as a doorway to reading the Scriptures. In this Episode, we almost get back into chapter 3, but instead embark on a fanta...

Preached at SPLC on June 2 2019.

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