Thursday Apr 07, 2022

BHoP#087 Drinking Water From Our Own Wells

Dr Koontz talks about the history of Lutheran schooling in this part of his presentation given at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Hamel, IL on March 25th, 2022.

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Dr Koontz - Agrarian, Egghead -  Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne

Music thanks to Verny

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keep going! would LOVE to hear you guys talk about how the Elephant in the Room for ANY economic system (Bitcoin, paper, silver and gold, etc...) is that through the entire Old Testament and all of Christendom (Luther, Walther, Peiper too) ANY interest on a loan was a grave sin! so therefore ”fixing” any economic system while keeping Usury will doom that system. i believe the Scripture makes the answer so simple- to have a great biblical Christian economy those with money must ”Invest” in what they think will proper, not ”Loan” (Usury). and at least as Apostolic Confessional Lutherans we should start never charging or borrowing with interest! do we maybe need to restructure how we think about loans due to inflation (sure)? but the charging of interest is something the Hebrew Israelites were only allowed by God to do to actual enemies ”foreigners”, not non-enemies ”strangers” or ”Fellow Israelites.” Now we begin to see that those who hold the Loans DO consider themselves at War with those they lend to. And biblically it IS a declaration of war to charge interest on a loan. so one can see who is really at war with who theoughout the world. kind of like how the answer to why churches aren’t full is because people stopped wanting babies, and started contracepting. the answer is simple, but people just don’t want to hear the simple answer... God bless you guys for what you do!

Monday Apr 18, 2022

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