Things get real when Meridith Fisk interviews her husband about life, discernment, Star Wars and Story. This truly wide ranging conversation covers topics from personal failures to putting Bear Grylls in a backpack, from why Thanos is the ultimate hero to why race baiting gets you nominated for the Oscars, from Getting Things Done to the death of childhood in the death of Luke Skywalker. It's the longest we've ever done, so take it in chunks, but don't miss this truly Raw edition of Project Resurrection.


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First Last Things, Volume I of the Thief in the Night conversation with Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller:

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The Search for the Real Last Days: Thief in the Night, Vol 1.1 (Fisk/Wolfmueller)
Understanding the Real Forever: Thief in the Night, Vol 1.2 (Fisk/Wolfmueller)
Ignorant, Just Like Jesus: Thief in the Night, Vol 1.2 (Fisk/Wolfmueller)

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