Raw 0030: Citizen of the New Jerusalem - Guest Podcast

August 7, 2017

Episode 0030Guest 

Guest on the podcast Citizen of the New Jerusalem.

A wide ranging conversation from Ninjas to the Council of Chalcedon with the non-denominated (but very reformed while also Lutheranophile) Adam Kane. I can't imagine that you won't enjoy this active conversation on all things higher and awesome.

Raw is Pastor Jonathan Fisk raw and uncensored.

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Bonus: Sermon: Nothing Beautiful

April 13, 2017
Non-isode 0002
Nothing Beautiful about a Crucifix
RevFisk Raw is Pastor Jonathan Fisk raw and uncensored, and this episode is as raw as it gets.

Bonus: Storytime: Shadows of the King

April 6, 2017
With Faith in Thrones: No Meaningless Gesture, from the possibly never forthcoming book Shadows of the King.
RevFisk Raw is Pastor Jonathan Fisk raw and uncensored

Bonus: Sermon: 2 Timothy 4

October 23, 2016

Sermon preached by Rev. Jonathan FIsk as St. John's Lutheran Church, Oakes, North Dakota, on 102316.


Bonus: Bible Study: Romans 2-3a

September 25, 2016

Sunday Bible Study taught at St. John's Lutheran Church Oakes ND 092516.

We continue walking through Romans, focusing on the first part of chapter 3.


Bonus: Bible Study: Romans 2

September 18, 2016

Sunday Bible Study taught at St. John's Lutheran Church Oakes ND 091816.

We continue working through the Book of Romans.


Bonus: Conferences: Evidence for the Resurrection

August 7, 2016

Higher Things Breakout Session retaught during Sunday Bible Study taught at St. John's Lutheran Church Oakes ND 080716.

The work of Gary Habermas is boiled down to its essence for a one-hour immersion in the the real history of the rise of Christianity in the first century.