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Preached at SPLC on 4/29/19.

A stand alone memoir on the burning of Notre Dame, the murder of Shri Lankan Christians, and the falling asleep in Christ of the marvelous Aaron Wolf. —Patreon:

Preached at SPLC on 4/21/19

Preached at SPLC on 4/14/19

Preached at SPLC Rockrord on 4-10-19

0100 The Seder Lie

A stand alone discussion with Pastor Sean Daenzar about the deception sweeping American Christianity, teaching medieval rabbinic traditions as if they were the beliefs and practice...

Preached at SPLC on 4/8/19

Preached at SPLC Rockford on 04/03/19

0099 Being the Wall

0099: Being the Wall Art: Episode 3 in "The Strong God” series focusing on Ezekiel as a doorway to reading the Scriptures. In this episode Pastor Adam Koontz...

Preached at SPLC on 3/31/19.

Preached at SPLC on 3/31/19.

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