LAST DAILY PSALM!!! (SEE WHY in the notes!)

March 24, 2017

Today's Psalm:49:1-3, 7-10

The Daily Psalm is not going away, but you're going to need to get it from the HIs Time podcast from KFUO. You can find it at any of your favorite podcast services.

I started posting these Psalms here only to try to share the good work going on over at my His Time podcast on KFUO. With RevFisk Raw starting to solicit supporters (like you!), it's time to force your hand over to to subscribe there if you want to keep getting these Psalms in your inbox. Plus, you'll get more: proverbs, devotional theology, and a bible study every single day. The Psalm will always be first, so you can just listen to it and move on, if that's what you prefer! 

So head over to yoru favorite podcast feed and search for "His Time KFUO," and subscribe, and while you're there, consider subscribing to my other podcast, "Cross Defense" too! 


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